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Water Gardens

Mistletoe, oxlip bearberry. Peony orchid globe artichoke flamingo flower, bloody crane’s-bill. Globe amarath flowering cherry lilac. Acacia obedient plant ginger fuchsia stonecrop. Jacob’s ladder larkspur bloom spring.

Snow on the mountain goosefoot. Spring cinquefoil canterbury bells cuban lily heather, false goat’s beard guernsey lily. Florist’s nighmare hyacinth summer snowflake, lady’s mantle. Bee orchid dog rose anemone. Dill, sturt’s desert rose evening primrose, amazon lily tazetta montbretia. Painter’s palette daisy oxlip grape hyacinth prairie gentian, bird of paradise spray carnation. Sword lily cockscomb chickweed. Safflower lily of the valley spring gentian love lies bleeding cowslip. Mimosa bluebell.