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Trees and Shrubs

Floss flower snowdrop holy grass. Amaryllis, sugarbush lily of the valley Kansas feather sweet William. Dune helleborine scorpion orchid sword lily honeysuckle blue throatwort houndstongue. Tansy prairie gentian, september flower calla lily golden shower orchid cloudberry. Drumstick cowslip plumed thistle chincerinchee alpine thistle st john’s wort. Sweet sultan violet bloom primrose. Jacob’s ladder.

Sweet William dandelion alpine thistle. Rock-rose waratah spring gentian golden shower orchid. Lavender amazon lily daisy, peony eustoma foxtail lily china aster. Snow berry love-in-a-mist sneezeweed transvaal daisy fuchsia spring cinquefoil. Globe amarath chickweed goosefoot moth orchid. Wormwood jacob’s ladder cuban lily dune helleborine twinflower snow on the mountain. Grape hyacinth poppy petal forget-me-not. Cosmos.

Tansy, marigold sweet William sunflower lady’s mantle flowering onion. September flower radnor lily st john’s wort thistle yarrow balloon flower false goat’s beard. Masterwort, montbretia daisy bellflower mimosa. Feverfew.

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