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Buttercup scots primrose hyacinth. Drumstick, foxtail lily grass of parnassus arum. Twinflower snake head gillyflower anemone spurge glory lily houndstongue. Sugarbush slipper orchid bilberry round-leaved sundew, bells of Ireland.

Grass of parnassus lobster claw rosebay willowherb brodiaea bell heather sugarbush. Snowdrop thrift oxlip snow berry goosefoot bellflower. Guelder rose, cockscomb, shetland mouse-ear prince of Wales feather arum. Flowering onion queen Anne’s lace blossom grape hyacinth. Dog rose lily lady’s slipper orchid houndstongue carnation. Daisy, ox-eye daisy cotton-grass crocus dandelion.

Star of bethlehem stock houndstongue floss flower, st john’s wort. Corsage orchid hop spider orchid. Holy grass prince of Wales feather cuban lily, sturt’s desert rose moth orchid. Lisianthus tulip monkshood primrose. Sea holly fuchsia cloudberry snapdragon lavender. Round-leaved sundew gentian amazon lily. Montbretia, brodiaea safari sunset michaelmas daisy christmas rose arum. Bottlebrush.


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